iPhone Ebook Reader

Here are some lists iPhone ebook Reader which you can download.
This is an amazingly designed app, and probably the most interactive in the list. You are able to organize your books, virtually flip through pages, insert your bookmarks, and much more. Instead of just regular text and flipping through screens, you actually see different fonts, font sizes, formatting, and images, unlike some of the other apps out there. Download this App.
2. Eucalyptus
With Eucalyptus this is the way it is. You get 20,000 books right in the palm of your hand, with awesome organization, great visual effects inside of the app, and tons of great features that make tasks like searching, downloading, bookmarking, and managing all your books really easy. Download this App.
3.Aji Reader
This Apps gives you full functionality of reading your PDF files on the go including accessing links, outlines/bookmarks, annotations, and even important password-protected documents. Download this App.
With this app you can use the Baen Free Library to get any free books that you want, or you can use your WebScription.net account to buy books as well, if you can’t find the what you are looking for on the free one. Also, this app uses a unique software called ShelfServer so that you can load your own personal ebooks onto your iPhone and take those along with you too. Download this App.
eReader supports a many of features, just like almost all the other eBook readers out there, such as landscape mode, tons of font styles and sizes, footnotes, sidebars, and dictionary integration. Download this App.
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Alarm Clock for OS X

If you are looking for best alarm clock for OS X, here are some lists Best Alarm Clock For OS X you can use as an option.
1.Alarm Clock Pro
In addition to the regular features, Alarm Clock offers some very unique ones such as the ability to take a screenshot, open a website, compose an email, open an application, and 27 more options with the ability to combo one or more of them together. Alarm Clock Pro proves alarms are good for more than just waking you up.
2.Alarm Clock 2
Alarm Clock 2 has many features in common with the other alarm clock applications such as a volume fade-in alarm, the ability to wake your Mac from sleep, built in Apple remote support, and the ability to wake up to songs from your iTunes library, but for free. Alarm Clock 2 is the perfect solution for someone who does not need a bunch of added features.
The alarm can be set to wake you, either with music from your iTunes library or one of the build in sounds. Awaken has the ability to wake your Mac from sleep. Fullscreen mode allows you to view your alarm, even from across the room. Awaken also comes with an egg timer, great for a quick nap or help around the kitchen.
4.Red Alarm Clock
Red Alarm Clock is the perfect solution if you crave simplicity, it is easy to set up and install. Red Alarm Clock is a dashboard widget that offers a single alarm that wakes you up with tunes from your iTunes library.
iRooster is the most gentle of all the alarm clock applications, it has a volume fade-in system, which allows you to wake up slowly and peacefully. iRooster has Lullaby mode, where you can fall gently asleep while listening to your favorite music and an innovative snooze system which can be controlled via the Apple remote.
While most other applications are only available in English, Aurora is available in English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese. Aurora also has built in EyeTV support, you can wake up to your favorite television program. Also, if you decide you do not want to wake up you can snooze your alarm using the Apple remote.
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Best RSS Reader for Mac

Here Best RSS Reader For Mac that you can use.
Gruml is also quite a new app that has gotten a lot of popularity. Unlike Reeder, Gruml trades simplicity for functionality. This is much more of a conventional RSS reader, and while it’s still pretty to look at, you’ll have plenty of different features vying for your visual attention.
This app has support for most social networks, notes, liked items, comments and much, much more.
2.Reeder for Mac
Reeder for Mac has been getting a lot of praise lately for bringing the experience of iOS apps to the Mac platform. Everything about it seems very simple and pretty, and it surely won’t take you more than a few minutes to figure out how it works. This app is also available on the iPad and iPhone version.
Vienna is another popular open-source app similar to Gruml and NetNewsWire, both in features and looks. It is a bit simpler than those two, since it manages to keep a clean, clutter-free interface while still giving you most of the features that those readers offer.
4. NetNewsWire
NetNewsWire is one of the most popular RSS readers available for Mac, and has been a long-standing player in this market. this app also has support for tabs and other useful features like social network integration.
Socialite is the one app in this roundup that doesn’t quite fill the spot of an “RSS reader”. It’s mainly a “social network aggregator”, which means that it allows you to see all of your social networks in one simple place where you can interact with them.
It works with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, and of course, Google Reader. And this app has most of the features that you would expect from any stand-alone RSS reader app.
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iOS 4.3.1 Now Available To Download

Apple has released a new update for iOS which brings it from iOS 4.3 to 4.3.1. The .1 indicates it’s just a minor update with no specific changes to the actual OS.The bugs repaired include a fix for the 4th generation iPod touch which had some occasional glitches with graphics. Also, activation on some networks was becoming a problem with 4.3. This update addresses that problem. When the Digital AV adapter was used on some TV’s, flickering could be seen. 4.3.1 resolves this. Finally, authentication problems with enterprise servers has now been fixed.
You can get the iOS 4.3.1 download in the usual manor by plugging in your iOS device in to your Mac or PC and then loading up iTunes and hitting the check for updates button. Installation is quite quick and takes about 10 or so minutes for the iPhone and iPad.
Resource : printerphoto.net
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FitOrbit Apps For iOS

FitOrbit similar to My Fitness Pal and the recent Endomondo, also seen at CTIA Spring 2011.
but FitOrbit different from  other  app, and that makes FitOrbit different is that the user is connected to an actual living breathing physical trainer. This is the big boast, and FitOrbit claims that they have “hundreds of personal trainers, diet and weight loss experts, and other fitness professionals that train celebrities, and people just like you, all over the world”.
FitOrbit uses similar software to match.com in order to match the user to a real fitness professional, the user can review a trainer for free. Think of it as getting your own Jillian Michaels, and you are the Biggest Loser.
Now everywhere you go, you have access to a real person who is an expert in the specific diet and exercises your body needs and will really appreciate!
Click here to Download FitOrbit Apps.
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Pimp Your Screen for iOS

We have already said that a cool FPS game came to iOS with Mission Europa, and now there is a new one called Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. It is based on the incredibly successful game franchise Rainbow Six from Gameloft, which is based upon the book from political thriller author Tom Clancy.A global terrorist organization threatens world balance, and only the Rainbow unit can stop them. In each of the Rainbow units comes with 3 new members, with their own special abilities that include recon, stealth, and demolitions. Think of it like G.I. Joe only more believable.
The game/app has eleven missions with levels based on the original Rainbow Six games with titles such as “the oil platform assault”, “infiltration of a rebel camp in Africa”, and “the Embassy Hostage Crisis”. The game has a co-op and a rich multiplayer mode, so you can join up with friends and challenge the game together, or face off in a head-to-head challenge.
You should be able to get Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard for about $6.99 on the iTunes Store.
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We7 Radio Music App for Android

We7 has announced the launch of new radio services, in the form of new mobile applications, we7 Radio Plus is a completely FREE music app for anyone who loves music!
The new mobile service will enable you to create your own personalised radio content on your handset - and best of all will be accessible without the continual need of an internet connection.
The app works by caching data from an initial connection made over Wi-Fi or 3G, after which, if your connection is interrupted, you'll still be able to receive tunes. The longer you leave the device to cache content, the longer you can expect to listen to music offf line.
The app has two forms: the free version; where you'll be able to create up to 10 different radio stations, but with no specific choice of what you listen to, and adverts; whilst the paid-for version will bring the ability to choose your own songs, albums and playlists for £9.99.
Disappointingly, sound quality doesn’t appear to be of the 320Kbps quality found on Spotify, while the inability to repeat tracks or go back to a previous a track in the main player is a little annoying.
Buy This Apps : Android Marketplace
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How To Ping iTunes

If you send your RSS feed into your iTunes podcast directory, usually often occur some time lag between when you post your item to show you really Podcasts appear in iTunes. To fix this problem you can manually "ping" iTunes.
First go to the iTunes Music Store and find your podcast.
 Right-click your podcast's title or album art and copy the "iTunes Music Store URL".
You should have copied a string of text like:http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=220385199
The long number in last part of the URL is your unique podcast ID. In this case the number is 220385199, yours will be different.
Now that you have your ID, open up a web browser and type in:
Change the "xxxxxxxxx" to your podcast's ID and hit enter.
You should get a message saying the ping was received.
Warning ! In most cases, the music store will update and add your podcast within a few minutes but it could take longer. Just be mindful not to ping iTunes too frequently, as it may cause some problems.
Resource : getsatisfaction.com
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Remote Control Apps for iPhone

Here is remote control Apps for iPhone that you can use.
1.WiFi Remote
WiFiRemote is a 8-in-1 wireless remote control with a decent range of features. These include a multi-touch trackpad, text-pad, landscape keyboard support, an accelerometer mouse and various media players. If you can look past the dated interface, it works pretty well. Download this App.
2.Apple Remote
Available completely free from Apple, the Remote app allows you to control an impressive range of iTunes features. Navigate between songs and videos, view artwork on your device, and alter settings – all from the palm of your hand. It plays great with AirTunes too. Download this App.
3.Air Mouse Pro
Air Mouse Pro is both a fully-functioning trackpad, “air mouse”, keyboard, and remote control for media playback. A really innovative use of the iPhone’s accelerometer to move your cursor around the screen. Download this App.
4.Remote Jr
Remote Jr will either work as a simple remote control when in portrait view, or display a full interactive version of your Mac desktop when tilted sideways. Functioning over Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE, you can also customize the colors of the remote control display. Download this App.
5.Remote Tap
Remote Tap is a great VNC app (one which shows your desktop in real-time), which can also swap between spaces, multiple displays, and act as a control for Front Row. The list of features is very, very thorough and I’d recommend visiting their site to take a look at everything on offer. Download this App.
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Best Web Browser For Mac

The following is a list of the best web browser for mac which you can use.
We are sure you will have all heard of this before and it is available for Mac as well as Windows. Click here to get this Apps.
Although we just said that you might not want this browser, it is of course one of the best for a Mac. Click here to get this Apps.
3.Google Chrome
You will more than likely have heard of this browser as it is available for windows. It is also available for Mac. Click here to get this Apps.
This web browser has been in the making for a while and now it is complete, it has some pretty great features. Click here to get this Apps.
This might be a browser that you have heard of and it is great. It has great add on features for social networking too. Click here to get this Apps
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Best iPad Printer App

iPad's potential as replacement for your laptop, as a tool for basic office needs, iPad needs the best printing apps to match it. To print from ipad first you must install the printer app for ipad. Some outstanding printing apps for iPhone now can be used on iPad, such as ePrint from Microtech. Follows a list ipad printing app that you can use.
ePrint is an outstanding printing app for your iPhone and ePrint 3.3 is iPad compatible. It enables us to print cards and calendar pages using photos stored in your iPad or iPhone library, print notes you take within the app, and print a list of selected contacts.
2.Epson iPrint
If you own this Epson iPrinter, it will work for you. However, this app is designed to print only photos. We can use it over WiFi on iPad. Simply install the app, and start printing your iPad or iPhone photos quickly. You can get it from the App Store for free.
3. ACTPrinter
ACTPrinter app is a virtual printer. It acts as a reverse printer for your iPad. You do not print documents from your iPad to paper. Instead, ACTPrinter "prints" from your computer right onto your iPad screen. This could be an easy way to carry around coupons and to-do reminders.
4. PrintBureau
PrintBureau is a super printing app for iPad. It has everyone one would need to print almost anything from an iPad. It can help you manage your files too.
5.Magic Print HD
Print Magic HD can print images, text, and even web pages directly from your iPad with no need for any additional software. It can almost print anything, including maps.
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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 for Android

If you are an Android user you may be interested to hear that Adobe has just released a beta version of Flash 10.2. for Android users running either version 2.2 or 2.3.
Flash Player 10.2 will take advantage of hardware acceleration to speed up the display of Flash content, particularly H.264 videos.
On Gingerbread and Froyo devices, Adobe says version 10.2 will deliver performance boosts across the board especially on dual-core devices, as well as improved soft keyboard support and rendering changes to improve the way Flash content is displayed in browser windows.
Click here to download flash player.
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Best Android Comic Reader

To read a comic in your Android, first you must install the comic reader Apps in your android. There are so many options Comic Reader Android Apps you can use. to simplify your search, here are a few best Android comic reader you can use as an option.
1.Comic Strip
Comics Strips is an Android comic book app that focuses on comic strips. Some of the most popular comic strips are available with this app including Peanuts, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, and Dilbert. In total, there are over 250 comic strips. Download this Apps
2.Droid Comic Viewer
Droid Comic Viewer is an Android comic viewer that is great for Japanese manga, since the interface can be oriented for right to left reading. This app supports several file formats including CBR, RAR, CBZ, ZIP, ACV, JPEG, PNG, and BMP. The app reads files from the SD card too. Download this Apps.
3.Comic Reader Mobi
This Android comic reader supports several file formats including RAR, ZIP, CBR, and CBZ. Each comic appears on the screen one page at a time. Zoom into the page to read the text with a simple tap of the screen. As you turn the page with your finger, there is a page flip effect, which mimics the natural way you would flip the page in the print version. Download this Apps.
4. Comics by ComiXology
Comics by ComiXology is the One of the largest digital comic libraries for Android powered phones is accessible with the Comics by ComiXology app. This comic book reader Android app features over 3,000 comics, with free access to about 300 well-written and beautifully sketched publications. The app features a reading technology called GuidedView, which is designed to improve the readability of the comics. Download this Apps.
5.Vintage Comic Droid
Vintage Comic Droid This comic reader accesses over 3,000 vintage comics. Each one is available for download through the app for free. Many of the comics available with this app are obscure and old, but are nonetheless interesting. Download this Apps.
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Best GPS Apps For iPhone

iPhone GPS apps is not the cheap apps available on iTunes but the top ones do get the job done and can get you out of sticky situations time and time again. But if you are planning on using your iPhone as a mobile GPS device, here are the Best GPS Apps For iPhone that you should try.
1. Garmin Streetpilot
Garmin Streetpilot is garmin’s first GPS application for iPhone. It offers text to speech, real time traffic updates, information on speed limits, local search and multi-tasking. Download this Apps.
2.TomTom For iPhone
TomTom for iPhone has a lot of potential. TomTom has gone out of its way to bring its best features to iPhone. The new version is compatible with the latest version of iOS. Download this Apps.
3.Mobile Maps America
Mobile Maps America is the one iPhone GPS super and provides you with turn by turn directions. The 3D maps are impressive and the directions are accurate. International versions are available too. Download this Apps.
4. Mobile Navigator
Mobile Navigator is a official GPS application for iPhone. It’s one of the most powerful GPS apps ever made for iPhone. Provides you with everything you need to get on the road without any doubts. It gets updates on a consistent basis (supports multi-tasking now). Download this Apps.
5. MapQuest 4 Mobile
It’s a free navigation solution that provides you with directions and speaks them to you on the road. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a GPS app, this is for you. Download this Apps.
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Samsung Mobile Print App

Samsung has now developed into  one of the recognized brands in the global printing industry. And now Samsung has made an Samsung MobilePrint App, a mobile printing solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This application can be installed on smartphones, and Android and iOS-based tablet PCs, and allows you to connect directly to Samsung wireless printers via Wi-Fi, or to conventional printers through LAN. By using this application you can print photos, PDFs and web pages directly from your device. And this apps also enables lightning-fast scanning to your mobile. Click here to Download this Apps.
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RSS Reader For iPhone

RSS has a key role to find out when your faforit site will be updated. Many of us subscribe to a number of different news feeds to easily keep track of various websites easily. to make it easier for users of the iPhone, the iPhone offers the perfect mobile platform for reading news, and a number of RSS apps that are available for you to download. I have collected the following best rss reader for iPhone that you can use.
1.Google Reader For iPhone
If you’re happy to settle for a web application rather than a native piece of software, Google’s own iPhone optimized web app is a great place to start. It keeps improving with time, and gives you a simple interface to your RSS feeds and news. Download Here.
This app supports Google Reader syncing, and you can easily share articles to Delicious/Twitter, or save them for later reading in Instapaper. Download Here.
Feeds is a decent app for basic Google Reader syncing and news reading. It doesn’t have the polish of Byline, but the ability to fully manage (add/remove/edit) feeds is welcome. Download Here.
The defining feature of Newsstand is their interesting use of a newspaper rack as the interface for quickly skimming articles. This could be really appealing, or slightly off-putting, depending upon your taste. Theme support allows for even further customization of how the app looks. Download Here.
Fast and comprehensive syncing is the key with MobileRSS, along with an interesting search feature to easily find an RSS feed to subscribe to. Download Here.
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iPhone 5 To Have Wireless Synchronisation To iTunes

Customers who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone 4 seems to be a bit disappointed  because  this phone  has no  wireless  device  synchronization  features  to iTunes Apple. However, bearing in mind  this need  then Apple has ensured  that the  iPhone  5 has a  new, more  sophisticated  features.
This phone which is to be unveiled by July has a lot of new improvements and comes with an A5 chip, edge-to-edge screen, Wi-Fi syncing with iTunes. Plus it is sleeker and is to come in amazing colors.
The major change is that a wire will no longer be needed to sync with iPad which was the major drawback in iPhone 4. So this should be enough for the music lovers to eagerly wait for the launch of this new smartphone.
Also one can note that the price of the phone is to be kept low enough for average customers to afford it.
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Best Browser for iPhone

The following is list of The Best browsers for iPhone which you can use as an alternative.
1.Mini Browser
Mini Browser for the iPhone and iPod touch is a browser that provides a respectable functionality set without occupying a significant amount of memory or drive space. The main goal of its developers was to give users the ability to have a pleasant browsing experience and still be able to sufficiently run other memory-intensive applications upon exit without having to restart your device.
Incognito for the iPhone is a browser, based on the same WebKit rendering engine as Safari, which gives you the ability to privately surf the Web without leaving any tracks by completely anonymizing your entire mobile browsing experience.
iBrowse2 for the iPhone and iPod touch is a browser that gives you the ability to view two Web pages simultaneously by displaying them side by side. This dual page browsing adds a unique element of convenience in situtaions where comparisons are important, such as online shopping.
Mobicip for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser that blocks children from viewing adult content on their portable device.
5.Magic Browser
Magic Browser for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser that boasts a number of extremely useful features not found in many other offerings, including Safari.
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Best Games For iPad 2

Recently the company Apple has just released its latest product that is ipad 2. Apple claims that the iPad 2 features "up to 2x faster CPU" and "up to 9x faster graphics" when compared to the original. What this translates to really is better looking, better running games. I will give some of the best games for ipad 2 which you can choose.
1.Board Game
Board games are one of the most successful genre of games in the App Store. Scrabble, Monopoly, Catan, Risk and may others have been released on the iPad, and have become the most popular multiplayer games for the device.
2.Dead Space for iPad
Dead Space was originally released on the Xbox 360 to little fanfair. However, it gained a solid enough audience over time that Electornic Arts decided to develop a sequal which was recently released.
In between the original and the sequal, EA decided to release a version for the iOS devices. Dead Space for iPad features a whole new story, gorgeous graphics and intense gameplay. The orignial game was considered one of the scariest games on the Xbox 360, and this version can claim the same on the iPad.
EA has also released an update today for Dead Space for iPad that takes advantage of the iPad 2's higher processing power and also added some new control options and look sensitivity.
3.World of Goo
World of Goo are a brilliant puzzle game developed by 2D Boy has been released on several platforms but the iPad version is considered the best of the bunch. It's a perfect game for a mobile device, a game that starts off easy enough but quickly becomes challanging and very addicting.
4.Real Racing 2 HD
Released today for the iPad, Real Racing 2 has been optimized for the iPad 2 much like Infinity Blade. Firemint, the developer of the popular Real Racing and its sequal, have created the best racing franchise on the App Store.
5.Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade are a game to ever show off your iPhone 4 or iPad it's Epic's. The graphics are gorgeous, up there with many Xbox 360 and PS3 games, and the gameplay feels natural on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Voted best iOS game of 2010 by countless publications, Infinity Blade showed what really can be done when you get a top notch developer, Epic, and let them loose on Apple's hardware.
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Twitter Apps For Android

Here are five of the best Twitter Apps for your Android device.
Twidroyd is easy to navigate, clean and well laid out. There are lots of integrated features but probably the coolest thing about Twidroyd is “LivePreview”. And like many Twitter apps, Twidroyd Pro offers a useful widget for your home page with three differently sizes.
2.Twitter For Android
Twitter for android the option to compose a new post, for example, is available via a shortcut in the top right-hand corner of every screen, so you’ll never find yourself having to keep bashing the back button if you decide you want to tweet your mind.
At first, TweetCaster looks like it has a little confusing design than most of its rivals, but it’s actually very easy to get used to. And, if you choose the Pro version, you’ll find that getting rid of the ads cleans everything up slightly. TweetCaster has plenty to offer. URL shortening is readily available and it’s easy to post photos and videos from your phone.
Plume has come to be one of the most popular Twitter clients for Android phones. Plume offering lots of options, including various font sizes, colour coding and more.
Twicca is best of all completely free, fast, stylish Android Twitter client. All the features you might expect from a paid app are available in Twicca for free, in a refreshingly ad-free format. Both old- and new-style retweeting are supported, as is URL shortening in your own tweets. Notifications, profile editing and landscape mode can also be ticked off the wish list.
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Best Iphone Printer Apps

Now you can print documents or photos from your iPhone with an iPhone printer app. These apps are designed to connect the iPhone to a printer, usually over a Wi-Fi or the 3G network. some kind of best iPhone Printer Apps that you can use are as follows.
1.Print (Print to ALL Printers)
This app connects the iPhone to most Wi-Fi printers, and it can connect remotely over the 3G network. This app can be used to print labels with the Dymo 400 or 450 LabelWriters. the price of this application is $3.99
If you own a Lexmark printer and want to print remotely with the iPhone, then the LexPrint app is for you. This iPhone printer app is designed solely for printing photos. Use the zoom and pan features to select the individual parts of a picture to print. Adjust the settings of the printer from the iPhone. This app requires iOS3 or greater and some Lexmark printer models may require LexPrint Listener installed on the computer connected to the printer. LexPrint is a free app
3.Print n Share
Print n Share can print directly to a Wi-Fi printer, print any type of document to any type of printer through the PC or Mac, and print remotely over the 3G network. With iOS4, this iPhone printer app can display and print calendars by day, week, or month. You can also print e-mail messages and attachments with this app. the price of this application is $8.99
4.Print Magic
With Print Magic You can print copied text, PDFs, webpages, e-mails, and photos. This iPhone printer app works with Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, and Lexmark Wi-Fi printers. the price of this application is $2.99
5.Print by Inside Root Media
The app works with AirPrint enabled printers featuring iOS 4.2. With the Print app by Inside Root Media, you can print and share a variety of documents from the iPhone including Apple Keynote, Pages, Numbers; Adobe PDF files; and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. the price of this application is $4.99
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Best iPhone 4 Photo Apps

iPhone it has become one of the most popular Smartphone since the release a few years ago. All product iPhone have a camera and the latest iPhone 4 device has a great 5 megapixel camera but Apple only gives you the photos app and the camera app on the iPhone and they don’t really provide you with any way to edit or enhance the photos. The following is a list of the best iphone 4 photo apps which you can use.
1.Photo FX
This app is a great photo editing app and it has more than 75 different filters you can apply to your photos. Click here to get the app.
This app is an extremely powerful app that has some pretty great editing tools. it is great for designers and artists. Click here to get the app.
This app aims to bring something different to your photos and it has a variety of different effects you can apply to your photos. Click here to get the app.
4.ShakeIt Photo
This app is mainly for fun and it makes your iPhone feel much more like a polaroid camera. For $0.99 this is a great app. Click here to get the app.
This app aims to bring back the feel of many cameras from the past and give your photos a unique look. Click here to get the app.
6.Best Camera
This app aims to offer a better way of taking photos on the iPhone as well as a great way to edit them. Click here to get the app.
This is another great photo editing app that allows yuo to give a feeling that your photo was took with a different camera to your photos. Click here to get the app.
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Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc hits the FCC with AT&T 3G

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has appeared at the FCC complete with GSM AT&T bands built-in (including HSPA/HSUPA & UTMS 2/5. The device can also be used on T-Mobile, albeit without support for 3G.
The Xperia Arc runs Android 2.3, aka Gingerbread,Xperia Arc has features a 4.2-inch display with 854 x 480 resolution, a 1GHzx Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, a microSD slot for up to 32GB of storage, a 1500 mAh, an 8MP camera with support for 720p video, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and an FM radio. Under the hood, the Arc sports a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8250 processor.
The Arc also offers impressive home theater capabilities through its HDMI out port. The device has a specialized interface for big screens that enables users to quickly browse through media stored on the phone.
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All Details About iPad 2

iPad 2 will soon be marketed on March 11. iPad 2 has a lighter weight than in previous iPad, and iPad 2 has two cameras built-in—one in the front for video-conference and one for high definition video and photos on the back. Here are all the details you need to know about Apple's new tablet:
iPad 2 comes in two colors, black and white, This thing is really pretty. iPad 2 also has a design that is very thin and even thinner than the iPhone 4 and 33% thinner than current iPad.
iPad 2 has faster graphics, faster processor, the frontal VGA camera, the 720p HD camera on the back, HDMI Full HD output.
The Good
- Dual-core 1GHz A5 processor, two times faster than previous versions.
- Built-in cameras for photos and video: One for frontal FaceTime videoconferencing and Photobooth (VGA resolution) and one on the back with 720p HD video capability.
- The cameras support the same exposure and focus control as the iPhones
- It also has a built-in gyroscope, like the iPhone 4.
- The graphics have been improved too. The GPU goes at nine times the speed as before.
- 25-watt battery's life is 10 hours "on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music" and one month stand-by time.
- Same low power consumption as the A4.
- HDMI mirrored video output at 1080p Full HD (the Apple Digital AV Adapter cable costs $39).
The Bad
- The same with the previous display is is the 9.7-inch 1024 x 768-pixel IPS display.
- The Wi-Fi model still lacks a GPS, using Wi-Fi location services.
- no support Thunderbolt, and for those who were expecting Thunderbolt support, they will have to wait for a future generation (if it ever comes).
Price For iPad 2
The new iPad will come on March 11 to the US, and the 3G model will be available on both AT&T and Verizon networks. Internationally, the intro date will be March 25 in 26 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and UK.
The prices will remain the same across the line. The Wi-Fi model will come for $499, $599, and $699 for the 16, 32 and 64GB models. The 3G takes that to $629, $729, and $829.
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