Canon link with Technicolor for New DSLR Video Features

Canon and Technicolor have signed a deal that will see the creation of a Technicolor profile created for and be made available to current and future Canon DSLR users.
It means that Canon DSLR users, like those who own the Canon 7D or the newly announced Canon EOS 600D will be able to shoot a movie with their camera and make it look like its been processed by Technicolor, giving it a professional look and feel as if it had been shot for the movies.

“Technicolor has closely followed the adoption of Canon EOS DSLR cameras into the ranks of professional productions,” stated Technicolor’s chief marketing officer, Ahmad Ouri. “We remain committed to cinematographers as they adopt new tools and techniques, and, based on the requests we’ve received from many of our creative clients, we have worked with Canon to provide a stable path, originating with these cameras and flowing effortlessly into our post pipeline.”
Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies and Communications Group, for Canon USA added: “We are excited about Technicolor’s development of their new CineStyle for Canon EOS DSLR cameras, giving post-production professionals image files with much greater latitude and versatility when colour grading EOS footage.”
And they would be right, last year House used the Season 6 finale shows what DSLR movie-mode can do shooting the final episode on Canon cameras rather than more professional rigs.
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SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3

Mozilla has issued a third beta for version 2.1 of its SeaMonkey "all-in-one internet application suite". SeaMonkey is the successor to the old Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Application suites and includes a web browser with advanced email and newsgroup support, an IRC chat client and HTML editing support.Based on the same Gecko layout engine as the 3.6.x branch of Firefox, SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 features support for 3D graphics via WebGL and an easy setup process for SeaMonkey Sync (Firefox Sync).
other changes in SeaMonkey 2.1 on Mac OS X is the addition of support for tab switching using mouse scrolling, Windows 7 Jump Lists and displaying download progress in the Windows 7 taskbar. ChatZilla and the Venkman JavaScript Debugger are also said to be working again. The 2.1 branch no longer supports Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger systems as it requires some newer features only available in 10.5 or later.
SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in 13 different languages from the project's site.
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Microsoft Release Bing For iPad

Bing for iPad has just been released onto the iTunes App Store and it is Microsoft’s first app to make it onto the tablet device. Just like their Bing iPhone app and the Bing website, the daily image is the first thing you’ll notice with the app and it looks beautiful on the iPad’s screen. Furthermore the app gives you a quick glance of key information of Weather, News, Movies, Trends and more in a bar at the bottom of the screen.
There is a lot of swiping that can be done in the app and it allows you to go back and forward from your last ‘panel’ of information, whether it be a web search, news page or weather. Bing Maps is included and fully functional letting you search for an address or business, find local business and even get directions.
Download this Apps at iTunes Store.
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Samsung Galaxy S II Will Get Processor 1.2GHz

Samsung has been known to be going on to create a follow up to the device appropriately dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S 2. This device features some very noteworthy specs including a 4.27-inch Super AMOLED display with 800 x 480 resolution, 1GB of RAM, 16/32GB of internal storage, microSD slot for additional storage, 8 megapixel rear facing camera with 1080p video capture, autofocus and LED flash, 2 megapixel front facing camera and Google’s Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 complete with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI 4.0.
The Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is a pretty powerful beast as it is with its Exynos chipset featuring a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU and Mali 400 GPU. However Samsung obviously decided 1GHz is not good enough for their flagship so they are adding more to it.
The company's Estonian office has just confirmed through their Facebook page that the two CPU cores will be running at 1.2 GHz, rather than the previously announced 1GHz. That update brings the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II to the top of the Cortex-A9 class, in pure computing power, at least.
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DropTunes for a Drop Music

DropTunes is sort of a combination of those two applications. DropTunes allows the user a player for their Dropbox-synced tunes offering Flash or HTML5 with streaming and continual playback. All you need to do is log onto DropBox through DropTunes, and pick out the proper folder with the music stash. There is also syncing the iTunes library with Dropbox for sharing tunes with fellow Dropbox users.
DropTunes it supports Flash-free and HTML5 playback, but it doesn’t seem to support iOS or Android, however, you might be able to go through the browsers on Apple or Android devices. DropTunes is currently a Free service that can be acquired here.
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iPhone 5 Will Come At The End of June?

In recent years, Apple has announced the new iPhone during their WWDC event. And According to Korean site, Apple is planning on releasing the iPhone 5 during the 4th week of June. Multiple reports have already revealed that Apple will not be introducing the iPhone 5 during the Worldwide Developer's Conference scheduled for June 6th. Instead, WWDC is said to be focusing on software only.
ETNews, however, claims that the news of a late June iPhone 5 release comes with confirmation that Korean providers SK Telecom and KT will be amongst the first carriers to offer the new iPhone.
  “iPhone 5, the next model of iPhone 4, will be released on the coming 4th week of June. In the midst of the iPhone 5 postponement rumors, Apple has confirmed that iPhone 5 will be released as planned and it will be released simultaneously in Korea through SK Telecom and KT.”
But Of course, until Apple formally comes forth to announce the iPhone 5 we won’t know for sure if this is true or not as trusting word such as this seems a bit ill advised.
Either way, chances are Apple will most likely stay on track and release their iPhone 5 at some point this year.
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Top Windows Phone 7 Apps

Here available several are the Top Windows Phone 7 Apps which you can use.
Using a streamlined, usable interface that is both elegant and practical, the official eBay app lands on the Windows Phone platform with aplomb. It caters to both buyers and sellers: sellers can check their listings and respond to messages while the buyers can search, bid and buy items.
2.AP Mobile
AP Mobile is an application that provides you access to trending stories, photos and videos. The news is pulled in from well in excess of 1,000 trusted news sources. Some nifty features includine using your GPS to retrieve relevant news stories as well as decent sharing capabilities.
3.Weather Channel
The Weather Channel has all the functionality you’d expect of a weather oriented app. You get local weather conditions, forecast, interactive maps and location based alerts. You even get active live tile support letting you get uptodate information directly through your home screen.
Handyscan is a document scanner with which you can use the device’s camera to scan physical documents and mail them over to any email address. Preliminary editing can be made to the resulting images like aligning, rotating or cropping.
You can also fill out any forms you’ve scanned in throuch adding text to it. You can also create collages of the images as well as choose their size and quality before sending them.
5.Last.FM is a multi-platform service that now graces the Windows platform. It is a wildly popular music streaming and recommendation service.
It creates and maintains a profile of your musical taste by logging details of the songs you listen to which is then used by the system to list songs that match your recommendation profile. A must have for music buffs.
Amazon’s app gives you access to 700,000+ books across a myriad genres. You can also sync your device across multiple platforms including the the PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android and Blackberry.
The feature list includes book recommentation on the dashboard which are personalized, suggesting books to your friends and the ability to completely customize your reading experience through tweaking orientation, font sizes and backgrounds.
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iPhone 5 to Come With 8 Megapixel Camera From Sony

Apple’s iPhone is without a doubt one of the most popular smartphones on the market despite its latest generation, the iPhone 4, being on the market for nearly a year now. However, seeing how it’s been on the market for about a year many are wondering when Apple will be announcing the 5th generation device. Some say it’s coming during the WWDC and others say it’s not.
The latest of rumors about iPhone 5 suggest that the iPhone 5 will come equipped with an 8 megapixel camera straight from Sony. According to reports these rumors have quite a bit of heat behind them as Sony CEO Howard Stinger has went on record as saying the following:
“Our best sensor technology is built in one of the affected factories. Those go to Apple for their iPhones… or iPads. Isn’t that something? They buy our best sensors from us.”
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Simple Physics to iOS

SimplePhysics is the sequel to popular physics game BridgeBasher, challenging you to make structures that will withstand the laws of gravity and nature--while remaining under budget.This game is SimplePhysics. Seriously, that is the title, and the object isn’t to smash structures, but to build solid ones. You need to build tree houses that can hold the weight of four 50-pound children, which are represented by these boxes appropriately marked “Fragile”.
Part of the game involves putting the tree house through a Certification test, and you can use a “finger” test to touch and drag support trusses in order to isolate weak points. Overall, SimplePhysics makes for a great successor to BridgeBasher, with several useful interface additions and structural challenges to keep the game interesting. But be aware that this game will definitely challenge you and you may end up doing levels several times before you succeed.
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iWeb Add Ons

For those of us that want to make small, personal websites without requiring the knowledge to code, iWeb is an absolutely wonderful solution. Below is a selection from iWeb add ons which all expand the capabilities of iWeb.
1.iWeb Valet
 iWeb Valet has an abundance of features like all the usual meta tags, favicons, and also has a huge number of other features that you won’t find anywhere else. These are all easy to use and include email masking, image compression and find and replace.
There are also a whole heap of widgets you can add such as clocks, countdowns, drop-down menus, search fields, and even falling snow. What’s more, iWeb Valet can upload the site for you to an FTP server or your iDisk as well as back up your site.
2.iWeb Buddy
With iWeb Buddy lets you take control of your RSS feeds by using your own feed-tracking service of choice such as Feedburner, and also allows you to add many other social networking services to your blog. You can assign Google Analytics or Mint Server code to your site for web statistics.
3.iWeb SEO Tool
This application allows you to easily add Title and Meta tags to your webpages and make sure your site is indexed by search engines to get optimum results. You can also add alt tags to your images and input web statistics tracking code to your site. A great feature of this software is that, since iWeb overwrites your site each time you publish, iWeb SEO Tool remembers your settings from last time and can instantly update your site with all the changes.
This application aims to fill all the holes in iWeb and offers a large range of features. From site backups to adding favicons, a google search field, and hit counters, this single window interface appears to do it all. You can also integrate JS-Kit commenting, add a PHP contact form and password-protect your site. A very cool feature that iTweak boasts is the ability to search for normal text in your website, and replace that with code to use behind the scenes.
5.iWeb Enhancer
This application lets you add HTML or Javascript code to your site in a very intuitive way; simply add a rounded-rectangle the size you want your code snippet to be and type the code inside that. After exporting, you point iWeb Enhancer at your site and it will magically turn all of those elements into proper code snippets.
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